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Whether you are a newly minted MBA or a project manager at a Fortune 500 company, data science will play a major role in your career. Knowing how to communicate effectively with data scientists and obtain maximum value from their expertise is essential. This book is a compelling and comprehensive guide to data science, emphasizing its real-world business applications and focusing on how to collaborate productively with data science teams.

"Winning with Data Science is refreshingly practical and clear. It’s also fun and empowering. After reading it, you’ll be more savvy about working with data teams and more valuable to your company. You may even become the envy of your colleagues (and competitors), who will wonder how you got so smart."

Steven Strogatz, Susan and Barton Winokur Distinguished Professor for the Public Understanding of Science and Mathematics, Cornell University, and author of Infinite Powers


Technical Hiring and

Project Management

Exploratory analysis and

Hypothesis testing

Supervised ML

Causal Inference and Impact Measurement

Data Science Tools and Infrastructure

Unsupervised ML

Networks, Natural Language, and Geospatial

Ethics and Security

This book is not just a guide; it's a narrative adventure featuring two relatable business leaders, Steve and Kamala, whose professional endeavors mirror the challenges and opportunities faced by anyone collaborating with data science teams.


By shadowing the day-to-day interactions between Steve and Kamala and their data team counterparts, you will learn how to navigate conversations from topics ranging from technical hiring and data infrastructure to supervised machine learning and natural language processing. 

This book goes beyond the typical textbook format. It’s designed for decision-makers who need to speak the language of data science. Whether you’re an executive trying to make data-driven decisions or a project manager working with data scientists to, you'll gain insights from the experiences of Steve and Kamala, learning to ask the right questions and make informed decisions.

Meet Steve

Steve is a recent MBA grad working at Shu Money Financial, where he focuses on fraud detection and real estate

Follow Steve as he works with his data science colleagues to address several pressing business problems in fraud detection, recovery, and real estate:

  • What are the profiles of users who commit application fraud?

  • Which real estate brokers are most/least well connected?

  • Can we predict rental prices for properties in a given area?

See how Kamala uses data science to answer key business questions, where her goal is not just profitability but also delivering high quality care:

  • What types of patients are responsible for the highest healthcare expenditure?

  • Should Stardust Health Insurance stop reimbursing for a new drug that was found to be less cost-effective?

  • Can we predict which patients will benefit from spine surgery?

Meet Kamala

Kamala, MD MBA, is Director of Clinical Strategy and Marketing and Stardust Health Insurance


We're committed to unlocking the transformative potential of data science for your business. Our services are meticulously designed to empower teams across the corporate spectrum—whether you have a seasoned data science department or are just beginning to explore the data landscape. Our offerings are as diverse as the needs of your organization.

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Looking for comprehensive training to elevate your team's data literacy? Our corporate webinars and training sessions are tailored to foster a robust understanding of data science principles, enabling each member to think and act as an informed data science consumer.


For organizations aiming to inspire and motivate, our keynotes distill the essence of data science into powerful narratives that highlight how a customer-centric approach to data can unearth valuable insights and drive strategic decisions.

Tailored Consultation

The journey with us begins with a simple yet profound question—“How can we help?” This guiding principle ensures that our engagement with you is as personalized and impactful as any good data science project should be.

Howard S. Friedman

Howard Steven Friedman, an adjunct professor at Columbia University, is a data scientist with decades of experience leading analytics projects in the private and public sectors. His previous books, including Ultimate Price (2020) and Measure of a Nation (2012), have been translated into many languages and featured on national media.

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Akshay Swaminathan

Akshay Swaminathan is a data scientist who works on strengthening health systems. He has more than forty peer-reviewed publications, and his work has been featured in the New York Times and STAT. Previously at Flatiron Health, he currently leads the data science team at Cerebral and is a Knight-Hennessy scholar at Stanford University School of Medicine.

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